Disclosure Forms

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How do I submit my disclosure form to the ICMJE?

You do not submit your completed form to the ICMJE. Download the ICMJE form, complete it, and save it on your computer. You should then submit the completed form to the journal where you are submitting your manuscript. The ICMJE has developed its Disclosure Form as a means of promoting a standardized approach to such declarations. Some journals may use different forms or mechanisms for declaring potential conflicts of interest and disclosures, and you should check the information for authors at the journal to which you plan to send your manuscript.

Did the ICMJE receive the disclosure form I completed for the journal to which I'm submitting my paper?

No - and we will not. The ICMJE does not receive or accept disclosure forms. Your completed form is to be submitted to the journal to which you submit your paper. Some journals' websites provide links to the ICMJE website from which you need to download, save and complete the disclosure form before submitting it yourself to the journal directly. Some journal's websites provide a link at which you can complete the disclosure form and submit it directly to the journal's editorial office. In such cases, your completed form has been submitted to that journal (not to the ICMJE). The ICMJE cannot tell you whether a journal received your form. You need to contact the journal.